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I began my journey into photography in front of the camera, working as a professional fashion model from the tender age of 14, which eventually took me around the globe working for some of the worlds most recognized agencies such as Ford, Storm and many others. This simultaneously also provided me with the opportunity to work with some of the most talented photographers I could ever have hoped for, observing and looking over their shoulders from the sidelines. As fate would have it, I was always more fascinated with what was going on behind the scenes and the treasure hunt for the perfect image than actually being the image myself.

So by the time I had to make the decision of ”what do you want to be when you grow up.” it was second nature for me pursue photography and thanks to the Nikon team in Miami who helped me realize my dream by generously sharing from their vast knowledge, I was able to make the switch in 2006.

In addition to being a creative soul, I draw quite a bit on knowing what it feels like being in front of the lens, which helps not only guiding new models to the preferred pose but equally important I genuinely understand that the best results come from being comfortable and having fun in the process.

In addition to my work as a photographer, I’m also an author and inventor, and have a background in mixology and cocktail history.

In short, I enjoy all creative mediums from painting, carpentry to music and it’s not uncommon to find me hanging off my rooftop in my spare time as the forever optimist, as I find new areas to expand my vision and love for working with my hands.

I travel back and forth between Miami USA and Denmark, if I’m not in town today, I probably will be tomorrow. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

To check out my cocktail book: South Beach Cocktails – Bartending From the Bottom Up use this link  It includes several of the cocktail pictures displayed here, and yes having received quite a few requests for actual poster prints of the images I am considering that option. Stay tuned for more or drop me a line if you are interested in being contacted when they are available for sale. 

Enjoy 🙂

Nete Nentvig

USA Phone + 305 933 8067 –  DK Phone + 45 21243642

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